The Tapez Scroll: Remnant Rescue Series Book 1 (Volume 1)

The Tapez Scroll: Remnant Rescue Series Book 1 (Volume 1)
by Michael Vetter
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Underwater scientists and adventurers, Jake Cohen and Angie Cherubini, trace clues in an ancient crumbling scroll to find the Ark of the Covenant somewhere deep in the Red Sea. Pax Romana forces and two Kingdom’s navies are on their heels hoping to grab the priceless centerpiece of Judaism. The first half of the Tribulation is almost over and the Antichrist’s diabolical plan to exterminate all Jews is in place. The two adventurers have no intention of letting the Antichrist use the Ark of God for his blasphemous stand in Jerusalem’s Third Temple. Angie’s billionaire father backs the couple’s daring rescue mission into the heart of the Persian Kingdom where they confound the Antichrist’s False Prophet known as Islam’s anticipated Al-Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam. The rescue team’s daring deception and escape from downtown Tehran in a cloaked jet stretches the imagination of stunned onlookers. Motivated by fierce bravery and zeal, followers of the Messiah risk all for the salvation of their Jewish brethren. As husband and wife, Jake and Angie pledge to spend their inherited fortune and their earthly lives to rescue a remnant of Jews from the greatest Holocaust the world has ever seen. A shadowy resistance force is born—they call themselves Remnant Rescue.




































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